petroleum properties

Herron Companies began appraising petroleum properties nearly 30 years ago in southern California. Over the years, we have completed thousands of appraisals on groups of properties across the country for major oil companies; that’s in addition to hundreds of individual assignments for lenders, oil companies and lawyers for use in litigation work. This is a company that “wrote the book” on the proper methodology for valuing these properties.

  • Hundreds of Service Station/C-Stores appraised each year
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Widely approved by national lenders
  • Individual properties or portfolios appraised
  • Feasibility studies on proposed construction or remodels
  • Also experienced in Truck Stops and Card Lock facilities
  • Divestiture or Rent Program appraisals for oil companies
  • Experts in litigation for properties under PMPA guidelines and eminent domain disputes