Herron Companies was founded in 1984 by Steve Herron, MAI. Some years ago company oversight began to be shared with partners Chris Wade, Rod Shain and Jeff Key and to this day, the firm continues in the same tradition of service and integrity. Here is a bit of introduction to the partners and some of the staff with whom you may come into contact from time to time.

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Chris Wade

Chris Wade, MAI, graduated from the University of Southern California where he obtained his bachelor's degree with an emphasis in real estate finance. He is a licensed Certified General Appraiser and has been with Herron Companies since 1990. Having become a partner in the firm in 1999, he currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer and President. He oversees the overall daily operations of the company as well as his regular appraisal responsibilities. Prior to joining Herron Companies, he was a commercial real estate broker specializing in the sale and leasing of industrial properties. Chris has four children and resides in San Clemente.

Jeff Key

Jeff Key, MAI, comes to commercial appraising by way of the civil engineering world. After receiving a bachelor's degree and a Master of Engineering degree, he spent several years with an international engineering and construction firm, in addition to teaching at the university level. He is a retired registered Civil Engineer with the states of California and Alaska. Interested in investigating the world of small business, Mr. Key joined startup Herron Companies in early 1985 and has been there ever since.

The skills of analysis, problem solving, and technical writing honed in his prior life transferred naturally to the appraisal of commercial and industrial real estate. Mr. Key supervises a team of experienced professionals engaged in appraising a wide spectrum of properties around the country. Particular specialties include gas stations, convenience stores, car washes, and hospitality properties. Of course, industrial buildings, offices, retail centers, and subdivisions are part of the regular mix. Notable assignments have included the historic Capitol Records building, Record Plant recording studio, and the then-new headquarters for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in Hollywood. Mr. Key has published a number of technical papers and articles and is experienced in litigation consulting and expert testimony. Mr. Key lives in Fullerton with his wife Betty; he has two married daughters.

Rod Shain

Most likely, one of the first people you'll talk to at Herron Companies is Rod Shain, who heads up our customer service department. If you need a question answered or a problem solved, Rod will be on it immediately, if not sooner--our clients know him as the "Go-To" person. That, among other talents, earned him the status at Herron Companies as Senior Vice President, Head of the Sales and Marketing Division, and President of Herron Environmental. As an experienced real estate appraiser and broker, Rod's chief function is to interface with Herron Company clients (like you), sort through the myriad of details that must be considered for each job, and see to it that you get exactly what is called for at a win/win price and timing. Along with a delightful English accent acquired from his native South Africa, Rod brings considerable talent by way of multiple degrees in law, accounting, and business administration. He is married, has two daughters, and lives in Laguna Niguel, California.

Rod Shain can be reached almost anytime on his 1-800-556-1222 "Hotline" or via e-mail at

Office Staff

These folks keep all the balls in the air

Janese Park

Executive Office/Finance Manager

Janese joined us in 2000

Sara Embrey

Production Associate

Jumped on board in 2015


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Ellie Daly

Ellie joined the Team in 2001

Sara Rosado

Joined us in 2015 but seems like longer; mainly because she first worked part time as a student in 1986






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