Legal and Tax Consulting

Are You an Accountant, Lawyer or Property Manager?

Herron Companies can be of service when you need reliable appraisals for estate planning purposes, property tax appeals, partnership issues and litigation action. Depending on the circumstances, we can often trim the scope of the assignment to provide the most important details and valuation analysis—not all assignments require the level of detail demanded by federally insured lenders, for example. When the estate accounting effort simply requires a strong, unbiased appraisal without all the secondary discussion, we may be able to provide a “Restricted” appraisal report, or a group of reports if you are dealing with a portfolio of assets. We perform a variety of consulting services, including feasibility studies and the review of third-party appraisals.

The Litigation Challenge

As important as resumes and experience are in choosing appraisal expert witnesses, a very important aspect to evaluate when you need an expert is whether he can win. Does he have a strategic mind? Is he shrewd and articulate? Can he command respect in the courtroom? Unfortunately, most appraisers do not fit this role, and finding one who does can be challenging. Herron Companies principals have spent a lot of time facing opposing attorneys in depositions and court/arbitration testimony. This has included individual property disputes, eminent domain action and portfolios of gas station properties.

Contact the principals at Herron Companies to learn about our strategy and the following services:

  • Case strategy review and support for depositions, interrogatories, arbitration, and trial
  • Full and partial property interest definition and analysis
  • Arbitration support
  • Diminution of value analysis
  • Bankruptcy and reorganization
  • Estate, inheritance, and gift tax documentation support
  • Marital, partnership, and corporate dissolutions
  • Condemnation and eminent domain cases

Litigation is of such importance at Herron Companies that you’ll learn more about our services at our Herron Legal website.

Visit our Downloads page to obtain a reprint of articles we’ve had published about litigation work and car wash properties.