Since 1984, Herron Companies has been performing appraisals on most types of commercial and industrial properties, not only in California, but also across the nation. Nestled in the drawing above is a reference to the old logo that served us well through the three decades following the founding of the firm by Steve Herron.

  • Typical property types covered: Shopping centers and retail buildings; Industrial buildings, plants, and multi-tenant developments; Office buildings, from small owner-user buildings to high-rises; Residential subdivisions; A wide variety of mixed-use developments; Special-purpose properties, including gas stations, convenience stores, hotels/motels, and car washes
  • With 20 or so appraisers on staff, reports are competently written by our specialists for each property type.


    • Herron Companies has been appraising for SBA lenders since 1987, and currently performs a large number of SBA appraisals each year. Often an SBA loan involves a simple owner-user building. That is right up our alley, and we can provide a fully compliant appraisal with very competitive timing and fee.
    • Recent regulations require that special purpose property appraisals, properties where the going concern is involved, must be performed by appraisers with a documented level of experience. Herron appraisers easily meet that requirement for most of the likely scenarios.
    • Maybe you're considering an SBA loan for a boat marina or some other unusual property type in an out-of-the-way place, and the local appraisers have never appraised a marina. It might be that your bank is regrettably commencing liquidation, and your decision about an appraisal of market value, disposition value, liquidation value, or "Go Dark" value could affect whether your bank's SBA guarantee is honored. An appraiser who knows what to do with not only the common properties, but also those "oddball" properties, can simplify your life.


    Herron Companies is becoming known as the “go-everywhere company.” Need an appraisal on a car wash in Barstow, California? How about an environmental report on an industrial building in Reno, Nevada? Maybe a feasibility study on a gas station in Atlanta? Or a hotel in Flint, Michigan? No problem.

    With our regional offices and deep "bench," Herron Companies provides a wealth of appraisal experience to serve our clients.

    To setup a no-obligation consultation in your area, please call us at 1-949-733-0070.

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